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There are some limitations, but YES, we can repair most blinds!

Possible limitations include:

  -  age

  -  availability of replacement parts

Below you will find a list of some of the more common repairs with estimates. If you need a repair that's not listed, let us know; we may be able to help.


Blind & Shade Repair

Repair or Replace: is it worth the money? 

Most typical blind repairs are worth the money compared to replacement. It's common for a new blind to cost well above $100 depending on the brand you have. If you have Hunter Douglas blinds, this could easily be into the hundreds of dollars. Also, one replacement blind will usually look dramatically different from the older blinds in your home or business due to age differences or changes and upgrades in the fabric and hardware.


Cellular Shade Restring: $50+

​The most common repair is a cellular shade restring. Usually, there is a cord that controls the elevation of the bottom rail of the blind. Normal use of your blind will eventually result in a cord breaking. A typical restring costs $45. Larger blinds typically cost $65


Top down / Bottom up Restring: $60+

​This type of shade has separate cords to control the elevation of the top rail and the bottom rail. Typical top down / bottom up restring costs $55. Larger blinds typically cost $75


​Vertical Blind Repair: $75+  and trip charge

Common repairs are new pull cords or slat hangers. There are many different types of vertical blinds. Give us a call and tell us what type of repair you need and we can hopefully help you.


Cordless Blind Repair: please call

Cordless shades move up and down in elevation with hidden cords and hardware inside the blind and headrail. Cords break or the hardware controlling blind elevation may need repair or replacement. Most cordless shades can be repaired.


Venetian Blind Repair (Wood & Faux Wood): please call

Common repairs include: New ladder cord, new lift cords, new tilt wand, new tilt mechanisms. Price depends on repair needed and blind size.


Continuous Cord Loops: $40+

We replace continuous cord loops on most types of blinds.  

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